J. Prioleau

1915 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Tarrytown, New York, page 9.

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Taken by Kaitlin Adams in 2023. 

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Known Name(s)

J. Prioleau


88 Valley St. North Tarrytown, NY 10553

Establishment Type(s)

Beauty Parlor

Physical Status



The site is currently a vacant lot. According to the 1915 Sanborn map, the former building was a two-story frame structure with a metal roof. The front of the structure that faced the street was only one story.  The building also had a basement. The dotted line in the back of the building indicates that 88 Valley Street and 90 Valley Street, the latter a dwelling, had separate rear entrances. 

Detailed History

According to a Tarrytown Sanborn Map from 1915, the site was, at the time, a tailors shop. The building to the south was a blacksmith shop. In the years that the address was listed in the Green Book, the building was a beauty parlor. It was located on the same street as two barbershops listed in the Greenbook, Lemons, and J.Brown. 

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