Janeal Lodge

An advertisement for Janeal Lodge in the New York Age from May 17, 1952. 

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An article about Janeal Lodge in the New York Age from May 31, 1952. 

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An article about a burglary at Janeal Lodge from the Newburgh News on February 5, 1953. 

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Known Name(s)

Janeal Lodge


P. O. Box 23 Huguenot, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



According to the New York Age, May 31, 1952, the Janeal Lodge was located in Huguenot, NY, a mile from Port Jervis, NY. An historical photograph in an advertisement in the May 17, 1952 edition of the New York Age shows the main structure of the Janeal Lodge.
It is a two-and-a-half story frame structure on a masonry foundation. The building is L- or T-shaped with gable roofs on all sections. The covered porch at the front of the structure is supported by posts. There are three sash windows on the second story and one sash window on the third story.

Detailed History

Janeal Lodge was a vacation resort on 205 acres of woodland nestled between two mountains in Huguenot, NY. A May 17, 1952 advertisement in the New York Age promoted the resort’s summer activities like swimming, hiking, ping pong, fishing, handball, and baseball. The property also boasted a lake and three fishing streams. The resort served three meals a day in its dining room and had a cocktail lounge.
On May 31, 1952, the New York Age reported that a group of Black businessmen had purchased Janeal Lodge, a former hunting paradise, and would be making the site into a year-round vacation spot. The purchasing group was headed by Albert Lindsey, a chief production engineer for the Automatic Manufacturing Co. in Newark, NJ, and E. McQueen from Orange, N.J. The Janeal Lodge was reopened as a racially integrated vacation resort Labor Day Weekend of 1952.
The Newburgh News reported on February 5, 1953 that Marcus E. Conklin and Edall Conklin were being held under third degree burglary and petit larceny charges and were accused of entering the Janeal Lodge on December 24, 1952 and stealing food, clothing, and liquor. Information as of Spring 2023.

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