Jay G. Stamper, Prop.

Known Name(s)

Jay G. Stamper, Prop.


192 B'way Buffalo, NY

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Jay G. Stamper. Prop., labeled as a restaurant on the 1950 update of the Sanborn map for the area, was located in a three-story building with a composition roof. The height from the ground to roof level was 34 feet. The walls were 12 inches thick. A firewall extended 12 inches above roof. There was a one-story bowling alley at the back of the building also with a composition roof, which had a height from the ground to roof level of 12 feet. There were 4 windows on the east and west sides of the bowling alley and one on the back side. The building had a firewall 18 inches above roof of the bowling alley. The tavern and bowling alley were located on the north side of Broadway, between Michigan Ave. and Pine.

Detailed History

Information is very limited on this establishment. It was located in the business district. It was near the Buffalo Transit Company, and another restaurant and bowling alley was located on the same block at 196 Broadway. The lot is currently being used for parking.

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