Johnson's restaurant

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Johnson's restaurant


301 N. Central Ave. Staunton, VA

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Detailed History

Johnson’s Restaurant no longer exists and is now the rear entrance and parking lot of the Staunton Fire Department. The restaurant was located in an area of Staunton that was targeted by a citywide urban renewal project, primarily funded by the federal government. The Staunton Development and Housing Authority touted the urban renewal as a “master plan”  that would feature a new large shopping center.

The restaurant was a popular place for African-Americans to gather on Sundays after church, and the food was well known for being delicious. Johnson’s Restaurant was owned by Charles L. Johnson, a World War I veteran and the first post commander of the Thomas-Fields VFW Post 7814. It was founded in 1946 at Johnson Hall, another Staunton site that appeared in The Green Book from 1958-1960, and met regularly at the restaurant until they moved to the bowling alley at Montgomery Hall Park.

Research and second photo by Caroline Vanterve


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