Johnson's restaurant

Known Name(s)

Johnson's restaurant


21 E. Frederick St. Staunton, VA

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Physical Status


Detailed History

This building still exists and is now home to a local radio station. When this site would have been listed in The Green Book, Frederick Street was a thriving African-American commercial corridor. A bank and doctor’s office were located next door at 19 E. Frederick Street, and a meat market and shoe repair store further down the block to the west. The Southern Aid Society of Virginia and Johnson Hall could have been at this location, although not much is known. 

Note that the only Johnson' Restaurant in city records was the other Green Book-listed site at 301 N. Central Ave. Historical records refer to a Johnson Hall and the Southern Aid Society of Virginia being at 21 E. Frederick Street. This site was therefore most likely Johnson Hall.

Research and photo by Caroline Vanterve.

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