Joyner's taxi

Known Name(s)

Joyner's taxi


Warrenton, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Taxi Service

Physical Status


Detailed History

Joyners is a misspelling of Joynes. The Joynes family operated the taxi service out of the Joynes Funeral Home, which is still in the Joynes family. According to the 1963 Hill's Warrenton (Fauquier County) City Directory, the Joynes Funeral Home was at 127 N. 4th. That funeral home is now at 29 N. 3rd Street (moved here in the 1960s). The Directory lists  Henry and Augustine Joynes at 127 N. 4th, George H and Mary V reside at the same address; Woodson G. and Mabel R. Joynes reside at 114 N. 3rd. The photo at the left is a photo of the Joynes Funeral Home copied from their website.

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