La Banch

La Banch Beauty Shop that is likely La Blanche Beauty Shop with an incorrect spelling and address

Looking northeast at 1527-1529 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Known Name(s)

La Banch


1527 Pennsylvania Avenue Baltimore, Maryland

Establishment Type(s)

Beauty Parlor

Physical Status



A three-story row house with a commercial ground floor and residential spaces in the second and third stories.  The one-over-one windows are replacements.  The west facade has been stuccoed while the ground floor has a three-bay shop front with a center door and single pane shop windows on either side. 

Detailed History

This building was the site of William B. Dixon's insurance office.  By the 1940s, many second story residences had been converted to commercial office space.   Dixon later moved his offices to 1533 Pennsylvania Avenue, while La Blanche (La Banche) Beauty Shop owned by his wife, Blanche, moved to 1531 Pennsylvania Avenue. This listing misspells the name of the beauty salon and it is corrected to La Blanche starting in 1947 (see separate listing).

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