Page 8 from the 1915 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Tarrytown, New York.

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Taken by Kaitlin Adams in 2023. 

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1950 Census Record for Sysvester Lemons. 

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Known Name(s)



93 Valley St. North Tarrytown, NY 10553

Establishment Type(s)

Barber Shop

Physical Status



The 1915 Tarrytown Sanborn Map lists 93 Valley Street as a saloon. The building was a three-story wooden frame structure. In the Green Book, more than two decades later, the site was listed as a barber shop. Unfortunately, the building no longer exists but instead was replaced by green space for College Arms Apartment Complex, which is located on 100 College Ave.

Detailed History

In the Green Book the site is listed as a barber shop and was located on the same street as J. Brown, another barbershop listed in the Green Book, and J. Prioleau, a Green Book beauty parlor. The 1950 census revealed that the business was owned by Sysvester (possibly Sylvester) Lemon, a Black man whose occupation was "barber." Sysvester was among those living at 93 Valley Street with his wife Mabel and five daughters - his family occupied the first-floor left unit. In 1950, he was forty-three years old. He and Mabel had come to New York from North and South Carolina. The affordable housing complex College Arms was built on the site in 1972 by the state and federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The building was recently repaired under new ownership, Marathon Development Group (https://patch.com/new-york/tarrytown/college-arms-dedicated). 

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