Miss R. Scott

Sanborn map of Miss R. Scott, V2S159, 1950.

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Google maps view of former site of Miss R. Scott, 2022.

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Known Name(s)

Miss R. Scott


244 N. Division St. Buffalo, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



In 1950, Miss R. Scott's Tourist Home was a two-story dwelling facing south on North Division Street. It was a two-part building with composition roofing, orientated south to north. The two-story main block had a one-story porch along the front facing side. According to the updated 1950 Sanborn Map, the main block had windows on the first and second stories along the west and east sides. To the rear, there was a one-story extension.


Detailed History

In 1958, a wave of Urban Renewal campaigns by the City of Buffalo demolished the neighborhood to construct the Ellicott Mall. The housing development was unsuccessful, and so Buffalo built the Ellicott Town Center in the 1990s over the former Mall. Four new streets run through the old North Division Street, named after notable African American residents of Buffalo; Minnie Gillette, Delmar Mitchell, Ora Wrighter, and King Peterson.

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