Morton's Restaurant

Known Name(s)

Morton's Restaurant


221 15th Street New Kent, VA

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Physical Status


Detailed History

The restaurant, located in West Point, was demolished circa 2015 and a new house constructed on the lot. Fairfield Foundation documented the modern house in VCRIS as resource 325-5014, noting the Green Book history. The restaurant business ran in the family. Walker Jackson Morton, who passed away in 1979, married Gloucester VA native Lillian (Miss Lillie) Clayton. Her parents, Levi and Kerry (?) Tazewell Clayton operated a restaurant in Gloucester. Morton was from King William, near the Pamunkey reservation. His parents had a tea room in King William, "past Saint John's on the right." According to local sources, Morton's Restaurant was so good that truckers planned their trips around stopping here. Many thanks to Lucille Thornton Evers and Francis Evers for providing this oral history.

Photo is of current house on site, not the restaurant.

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