Mrs. C. Majors

Known Name(s)

Mrs. C. Majors


906 Jefferson St. Jamestown, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



Currently the site of a large empty field.

Detailed History

Carrie Majors, aged 49 in the 1940 Census and originally from Pennsylvania, was listed as working at home as a seamstress. Her husband was listed as Archie Majors, aged 57 and originally from Kansas in the same record. He was a bagged gaffer for the Erie Railroad Depot. Carrie was listed as making more than $250 in income from sources outside of normal salary/wages, suggesting a successful boarding side income in the home. The 1930 Census does list the couple at the same address but with descrepency in the ages of the couple and the home state of Carrie.

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