Mrs. C.F. Burton

7 De Blois St. as depicted on the 1921 Sanborn Map.

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7 De Blois St. Newport, RI

Physical Status


Detailed History

Despite being listed for three years in The Green Book, there are no records to document the existence of a tourist home at 7 DeBlois St. There is no record of a C.F. Burton owning any property in Newport. Except for a Mrs. Effie Burton, a domestic who worked at 82 Kay St. and rented at 20 DeBlois St., there is no record of anyone named Burton living on DeBlois St.

The house is listed as vacant in the directories for 1939, 1940, and 1941, and there is no record for this property on the 1940 census. This listing must have been based on incorrect information.

The house at 7 De Blois St., which according to the 1921 Sanborn map was owned by Patrick Horgan, has been demolished.

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