Mrs. F. Washington

Google Maps View of 172 Clinton Street Buffalo, NY 14203

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Sanborn Map of Buffalo Volume 2 (1900) Section 132 depicting 172 Clinton Street Buffalo, NY 14203

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New York Age article concerning Rev. J. Francis Robinson June 13, 1925

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172 Clinton Street Buffalo, NY 14203

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



A two-and-a-half-story building facing south on Clinton Street. It was a wooden frame dwelling, orientated south to north. According to the 1925 Sanborn Map, the main block was two-and-a-half-stories and on the street facing side had a porch and a one-story enclosed entrance. To the rear, there was a two-story addition. To the west of the addition was a one-story extension. All parts had shingled roofs except the two-story addition, which had a composition roof.

Detailed History

Mrs. Francis Washington operated her house as a tourist home and invited guests to stay even before its listing in the 1939 Negro Travelers' Green Book. In 1924, she opened her home to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Evans, who moved from the neighboring Walnut Street. For a week in 1926, Rev. J. Francis Robinson, the Field Secretary of the National Baptist Convention, stayed at 172 Clinton Street to deliver a speech at the Shiloh Baptist Church. Currently, a new row of houses are on the land where Mrs. Washington’s Tourist Home had been.

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