Mrs. G. Brooks

Known Name(s)

Mrs. G. Brooks


516 High St. Elmira, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



Two-story frame house with basement and attic space. Decortaive wood shingles on gable end have been covered with redish asphalt siding. T-shaped footprint with chimney on leg facing street. Small wooden porch at the front door to the house. Bay window located on the south side of the house facing neighbor. Last house on HIgh Street before large manufacturing facility.

Detailed History

Family home owned, according to the 1930 Census, by George Brooks whose profession is listed as "window washer" for a local store. His wife, Marie, was listed as twenty years his junior and working for the private family during the same time period. Also in and out of the house during this time period was George's older brother Henry and their daughter Katherine. The older generation of the family was listed as coming from Viriginia and Washington D.C. originally while Katherine was listed as born in New York State.

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