Mrs. J. M. Brown

Known Name(s)

Mrs. J. M. Brown


108 W. 11th St. Jamestown, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



Currently the site of a driveway to Chadakoin Park.

Detailed History

Believe to be the establishment of Josephine Brown, aged 58 in the 1940 Census, living with husband James Brown, aged 64, in the $1800 house they owned at 108 11th Street. Josephine was from Indiana/Ohio originally and listed as "cleaning" for a private family while James was a janitor for a office building in town. Renting rooms to travelers was a third income for the family. While no boarders were listed as long-term residents of the property in 1940, the 1930 Census does list both Josephine's widowed daughter, James' step-daughter, Vera C. Coe and granddaughter living in the home along with a boarder named Paul Bolden working in town as a chauffeur for a private family.

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