Mrs. Jos. Willis

Known Name(s)

Mrs. Jos. Willis


N. Main St. Winchester, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



According to the 1940 census, Mrs. Willis lived at 672 North Loudoun Street. This building was most likely constructed at some point after 1921, as the 1921 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map shows the Winchester Cold Storage Company and the Shenandoah Valley Agricultural Society in this block. The 1950 census places the Willis family at 664 1/2 North Loudoun Street. This is also a newer building. The image to the left is the site at 672 Loudoun today.

Detailed History

According to the 1940 census, Joseph Willis is 69 years old, unemployed and unable to work. He has one year of high school education. His wife Olive is 56 with a first grade education. She does home housework. They own their house. Both are Black and were born in Virginia. In the 1950 census, Joseph Willis is 79, married, and unable to work. His household at 664 1/2 North Loudoun Street includes his daughter Rachel Ford, 30, his granddaughter Audrey Ford, 13, and his grandson Joseph, 4. Rachel does housework for a private family. Olive is not in the household.

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