Mrs. L. Adams Tourist Home

116 1/2 Broadway, as depicted on the 1921 Sanborn map.

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116 1/2 Broadway Newport, RI

Physical Status


Detailed History

The Mrs. L. Adams’ Tourist Home was listed only once in The Green Book, in the year 1939.  However, no record of this establishment can be found.  Both the directories and the 1940 Federal census list the occupants of 116 1/2 Broadway as William E. McLeod, wife, Catherine, daughter, Helen, and grandchildren, John and Joan, an Irish family.  While it is not impossible that the McLeods hosted African-American tourists at their home, it does not seem likely.  The directories list only one other Adams, Alvorah Adams, living on Broadway and there is no record of anyone named L. Adams owning land in Newport. The details about this establishment remain a mystery. 116 1/2 Broadway was demolished when the current Newport Police Station was constructed.

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