Mrs. Lawrence Jones

Known Name(s)

Mrs. Lawrence Jones


1009 Melville Petersburg, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



The 1950 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map shows this house has not changed since it was listed in The Green Book. It map depicts a two story, frame dwelling with a noncombustible roof and a one-story front porch. In 1950, there was a one-story garage to the rear of the house. The house is two bay with the entrance door on the north side of the primary/west elevation. 

Detailed History

The only Lawrence Jones listed in the 1950 census is a 28 year old Black man who lives at 1228 Rome Street with his in-laws, James and Mary Wells. His wife is Grace Jones. Due to the different address, it is unlikely this is the same Mrs. Lawrence Jones. 

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