Mrs. Nancy Williams

Known Name(s)

Mrs. Nancy Williams


496 Edmonds St. Watertown, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Beauty Parlor

Physical Status



Edmunds Street, located on the North Side of Watertown, runs from the Black River northeast to the freight house. The address 496 belonged to two different buildings. The first was a two- story tenement building at  496, 494, and 492 Edmonds, which appeared on the 1909 Sanborn map. It was replaced by a concrete block filling station by 1958. That filling station was listed in the Green Book as the Reilly Esso Station.

Detailed History

Newspaper articles provide the names of two couples who resided at 496 Edmonds. In 1912, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Busler were residents. Their presence is documented by a warrant sworn by Louis for the arrest of George Dasno, whom he claimed had frequented his home during his absence and been intimate with his wife. Later, Mrs. A. B. Richardson and her husband, an upholsterer, occupied the residence. No mention of a Nancy Williams or of a beauty parlor at this location has surfaced during either the tenement or filling station eras.

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