Mrs. Ruth Thomas

Known Name(s)

Mrs. Ruth Thomas


556 Morrison St. Watertown, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



556 Morrison Street is currently a non-residential property that houses multiple small businesses. During the Green Book era, the location would have been near the Thomas Memorial A.M.W. Zion Church and the rail yards. The 1958 Sanborn map does not show a dwelling in that location but instead an unlabeled stone building set back on the lot adjacent to the railroad tracks. This seems to correspond to the current structure. In 1909, when earlier Sanborn maps would have been produced, the lot was too far outside the core of Watertown to be included.  

Detailed History

Ruth Thomas ran a tourist home at 123 Union Street. It is unclear her connection to this property. In 1910,  Mr. and Mrs. George Brown resided at this address according to a newspaper article about an injury their son suffered.

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