Mrs. S. Osterholt

Mrs. S. Osterholt; 16 Crannell St; screenshots taken of Google Maps

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1913 - 1950 Sanborn Fire Map depicting 16 Crannell St, Poughkeepsie, NY. The home of Mrs. S. Osterholt.

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Known Name(s)

Mrs. S. Osterholt


16 Crannell St. Poughkeepsie, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



A five story, square, brick office building now occupies the site. According to a Sanborn Map from 1913-1950, this building was a one-story brick dwelling with a one-story attached porch on the front of the house.

Detailed History

Address is currently that of an apartment in the Hudson Valley Office Furniture building where the business occupied the first two floors of the four floor building. This building replaced a series of one-story residences on the site.


**Information as of Spring 2023

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