Google Maps street view of 419 Pratt Street, Buffalo

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Sanborn Map of Buffalo Volume 3 (1900) Section 223 depicting 419 Pratt Street, Buffalo

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419 Pratt Street Buffalo, NY 14203

Establishment Type(s)

Beauty Parlor

Physical Status



A two-story building facing southwest onto Pratt Street. It was a two-part structure oriented southwest to northeast. The main block is a wooden frame two-story. To the rear there was a one-story room. Both sections of the dwelling had shingles.

Detailed History

Dorothy Brownley operated Orchid's Beauty Parlor from her home at 419 Pratt Street in the 1940s and 50s. While she closed the business in 1955, Mrs. Brownley continued to live at the location until 1979. Mrs. Brownley was seemingly trained as a beautician at the Lillian Dora Beauty School at Crescent Hall. The school was on 270 E. Utica St, and through the 1950s was directed by Amparo Lester (owner of Lester's Beauty Salon). Since then, several new owners have called 419 Pratt St. home: Christine Sanders in 1979; Herbert A. Stewart in 1995; and Joyce Stewart in 2013. Currently, 419 Pratt Street is an empty lot.

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