Palace Hotel

Known Name(s)

Palace Hotel


210 Front St. Bristol, VA

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Physical Status



Front Street does not exist today but the 1938 Bedford City Directory places the Palace Hotel at 210-212 Front Street. Front Street was approximately just west of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, north of State Street, and east of Lee Street. The site is now a parking lot and government buildings including the Bristol City Courthouse and City Sheriff Office. Front Street was largely demolished to widen MLK Jr. Blvd. Many thanks to Jeanne Powers and Kristin with the Bristol Public Library for providing this information. Photos are of the site today.

The 1956 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps provide further information as to the location of Front Street and its associated buildings. It shows the 200 block of Front Street between Sycamore Street and Beaver Creek, right where Russell crosses the creek. Today, Sycamore and Russell do not intersect. According to this map, 210 and 212 Front Street served as a private garage, constructed of cinder block, while 202 and 204 were a brick restaurant and store. There was a cinderblock body shop at 224 Front, adjacent to Beaver Creek, and various stores and an auto shop in the same block. 

Detailed History

According to the 1938 Bedford City Directory, the Palace Hotel at 210 - 212 Front Street was owned by C. Roscoe Green. Nearby businesses include the Lincoln Pool Room, the Lowry Barber & Beauty Shop, and the Peoples Cafe. The 1942 Directory also includes the Palace Hotel and C. Roscoe Green is the barber at 208 Front Street. The 1930 census lists Charles R. Green, age 43, as born circa 1887 in Tennesssee and married at age 20. He is married to Janie B. Green, age 36, and the head of his household at 212 Front Street. Janie Green is probably his second wife, as he is listed as widowed in the 1920 census. In 1939, Green owns his home, which is valued at $10,000, and is the proprietor of a hotel. 

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