Buffalo Sanborn Map 1925 Vol.2 sheet 205

William St.

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"Buffalo Courier Express" license given to Parkside Liquor Store.

April 19, 1947.

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Google Satellite view of the current 452 William St. address.

Map data from 2024.

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Known Name(s)



452 William St. Buffalo, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Liquor Store, Tavern

Physical Status



It is unclear which corner this building was on, but no extant buildings at this intersection fit the description of a nightclub. The address would currently be in the 540-560 William St. area. William Street was extended and renumbered in 1929; previous to that the address would have been at 440-460.

Detailed History

The site was purchased by the Rodenberg family between 1929 and 1934 and stayed within the family until at least 1967. Gertrude Rodenberg and Harry Rodenburg were some of the first names associated with the address followed by Gordon J. Rodenburg, Burton W Rodenberg, Kate Rodenburg, and Evelyn (Rodenberg) King. There were over half a dozen robberies and burglaries during these years of operation. In 1967, Gordon J. Rodenberg was the owner of the building; at this time a fire broke out at the front of the liquor store and spread to the apartments on the second level. There is no building currently associated with this address.

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