Known Name(s)



433 Williams St. Buffalo, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Barber Shop

Physical Status



People's was located in a two-story building previously numbered 333 but renumbered 433 by 1950. The height from the ground to roof level was 25 feet, and the building had a composite roof according to the 1950 Sanborn map. There was also a one-story room in the back with wood shingles as roof cladding. The block included numerous stores down William Street as well as restaurants. People's was located on William Street between Randall and Spring. 

Detailed History

People's was located on William Street in a predominantly African American business district. It was on the same block as G&R Machinery & Equipment Company. The street numbers changed from 333 to 433 when William Street was renumbered. According to the Buffalo Criterion, Rev. Charles Fling took up residence in the building sometime before the summer of 1957. He was a pastor at the Faith Soul Saving Station, a predominantly African American church at 237 William Street. The lot is currently a shopping mall.

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