Preston St. service station

Known Name(s)

Preston St. service station


2nd & Preston Sts. Richmond, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Service Station

Physical Status



The Preston Street Service Station consists of two, one-story, masonry buildings set at 90 degree angles to one another. The larger of the two buildings sits at the southeast corner of the lot. It has four service bays and is constructed of cinder block, with a frame addition at the rear/southeast elevation. The north elevation along Preston Street has two windows and a stepped roof. The smaller building to the northwest is also one story, but is clad in stucco and has an off-center masonry projection above the roofline. This projection, with three vertical rows of glass blocks, gives an art Deco feel to the building. The primary/north elevation has two bays that are now filled with siding and casement windows. The northwest elevation has a smiliar bay.

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