Rappahannock Hotel

Known Name(s)

Rappahannock Hotel


520 Princess Ann(e) St. Fredericksburg, VA

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status


Detailed History

The advertisement shown at the left, provided by Brian Katen with Virginia Tech, says: Southern Cooking Our Specialty; Tourists' Headquarters; Stop by for a Pleasant Dixie Week-End. Brown Brothers, props. 

The 1940 census shows Robert A. Brown as head of household at 520 Princess Anne Street. His wife Patty and niece Vivian Robinson and four lodgers live in the household. All are Black and born in Virginia, with the exception of Vivian, who was born in Maryland. Mr. Brown is the proprietor of a hotel, and his lodgers work as waiters and a cab driver. In the 1950 census, Mr. Brown is still at 520 Princess Anne and continues to be a hotel proprietor. The only other member in the household is a lodger by the name of Lee Richards, who works as a taxi driver. 

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