Reilly Esso Station

Known Name(s)

Reilly Esso Station


496 Edmonds St. Watertown, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Service Station

Physical Status



Edmunds Street, located on the North Side of Watertown, runs from the Black River northeast to the freight house. The Reilly Esso Station was single story cement block building with one-foot thick walls. The building was divided into two halves. It was set back from both Edmonds and West Main St. on this corner lot and situated at and angle so that its long front side faced the corner. 

Detailed History

No records specifically referring to the Reilly Esso Station have been found; however, there is a filling station listed on the 1958 Sanborn map on the corner of Edmonds and West Main St. Sometime after 1958 the location's address changed to 557 West Main Street and become the home of Colonial Motors, a car dealership. Then sometime after 1979, a locally owned auto center for vehicles and tire sales known as Chiappone Tire Warehouse moved to the location. It is likely that part of this building is the original filling station listed at this location.

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