S. Kearney

Known Name(s)

S. Kearney ()
S. Kearney ()
S. Kearney ()


257 Vedder Ave. Schenectady, NY (1939, 1940)
357 Vedder Ave. Schenectady, NY (1941)
857 McDonald Ave. Schenectady, NY (1947, 1948, 1949)

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



Two-story dwelling located next door to the Guarantee Bed Spring Company in 1914. The building was a wood frame structure with two one-story structures in the rear of the plot according to the 1914 Sanborn map.

Detailed History

257 Veeder Avenue: This may be a typographical error in the Green Book and may refer to 357 Veeder Ave, also listed under the name S. Kearney. 257 Veeder does not seem to be a legitimate address.

This property was mentioned in the local newspaper on more than one occasion when its residents were arrested for crimes ranging from homicide to gambling. The residence was the home of Samuel Kearney from whom it takes its name in the Green Book listing. Kearney was arrested among a large group of individuals involved in a "numbers" ring. Kearney was sentenced in 1945 and there are no records of him or the property after this date.

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