Scotty's barber shop

Known Name(s)

Scotty's barber shop


505 N. 2nd St. Richmond, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Barber Shop

Physical Status



The 1952 Sanborn Map does not include a 505 North 2nd Street. Presumably, this would be at the southeast corner of the intersection of East Clay and North 2nd Streets. This is the location of the Harris Hotel at 200 East Clay. This is a two-story brick building joined to 202 E. Clay. These two buildings have a one-story frame porch on the south elevation facing East Clay, and a two-story frame addition on the north elevation which connects to the adjoining property at 511 North 2nd. All roofing in composition, i.e. slate or metal. The property is identified as a hotel with a restaurant on the first floor. Perhaps Scotty's Barber Shop operated out of the hotel, and used the 505 N. 2nd Street address to differentiate it as a separate business. 

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