Sessons Tavern

Known Name(s)

Sessons Tavern


Caret, VA

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Latitude and longitude are in the general area. No address provided in any issue of the Green Book. However, an ad in the Rappahannock Times from 12/17/1936 describes it as 1 1/2 miles from Caret on Route 17. Locals identified a general area of the property. It was probably located in the vicinity of 10555 Tidewater Trail and is most likely demolished.

Detailed History

From Wesley Pippenger's Book, Essex County, Virginia Buildings in Photographs:  "On US 17 near Caret, on property conveyed to Reaver Sessoms and Alexander Sessoms, including a filling station, garage and cabins." The Rappahannock Times published a story on page 1 on March 31, 1938 describing the arrest of one-armed Alex Sessoms for a double murder. See image for full story.

Many thanks to Dana Smook with the Essex County Library for this information, the fascinating article, and the depicted ad.

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