Sue King Inn

Known Name(s)

Sue King Inn


819 Maple Bristol, VA

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Based on Bristol government GIS maps, the Sue King Inn most likely stood between a one-story brick building at 800 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and a one-story house at 823 Maple. The 1956 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map does not include an 819 Maple. However, 817 Maple is a one-story concrete block restaurant with a composition roof and concrete floors. Photos are of site today.

Detailed History

According to the Mountains of Music Homecoming Program Guide, June 8-16, 2018, the Sue King Inn was operated by the extended family members of artist William A. Fields. His "Aunt Sue" and "Uncle King," also referred to as Uncle Ben, whose last name was Evans, operated the inn as a juke joint during segregation. They sold food, lodging, and hosted local bands and musicians such as the Royal Knights, a group William’s Uncle used to manage.

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