Known Name(s)



364 West Morris St. Bath, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



Site is currently a Monro Muffler Brake in a business district located along a highway.

Detailed History

Per the 1950 Census records, this site was in Enumeration District 51-10 and owned by a Willa Belle Lucas, aged 45, originally from Tennessee. She was listed as widowed and making house with no outside employment. The listing does include one lodger – John Love from Alabama – who at aged 50+ was listed as a janitor for a Veteran’s Administration Hospital. They were the only non-white residents listed in their neighborhood. By the late 50’s, according to land assessments, she had an easement agreement with a Donald R. Shear. Willa Lucas passed away the same year her home was last listed in the Green Book in 1961 and is buried Nondaga Cemetery in Bath.

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