Watkins Florist

Known Name(s)

Watkins Florist


Gloucester, VA

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Watkins Florist was a business operated in and by Watkins Motel. This is located on John C. Lemon Lane. Three standing structures are still extant; one is a house or office building, and the others are smaller motel rooms. The office building is a one-story, three-bay structure. It is a concrete block building with a side gable, asphalt shingle roof. The other is a two-bay concrete block structure with two two-bay additions and a side gable, asphalt shingle roof. The concrete block building has a central brick chimney. The motel is registered in VCRIS as 036-5174. Unfortunately, the motel is in poor condition and may not stand for much longer. Description and photo courtesy Fairfield Foundation.

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