White's Restaurant and Barber Shop

Known Name(s)

White's Restaurant and Barber Shop


14 and Kirby Streets West Point, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Restaurant, Barber Shop

Physical Status



The building at 301 14th Street is a one-story, concrete block structure with a brick facade and a flat roof. According to VCRIS 325-5004, this building was constructed in 1949. It is currently abandoned. Per long-time residents, this building was White's Restaurant & Barber Shop.This was in the same building(s) as Jordan's Enterprises, 301 14th Street.

Detailed History

White's Restaurant and Barber Shop was listed in the 1961 Green Book issue as located at 14th and Kirby Streets. By 1962, this site had become Jordan's Enterprises, a service station, garage, and tourist home. According to locals, this property was Dr. Franklin's before it was White's. Many thanks to Lucille Thornton Evers and Francis Evers for sharing this information.

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