W.M. Tatum/Tatum's Inn

Known Name(s)

W.M. Tatum/Tatum's Inn


453 Brewer St. Norfolk, VA

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Latitude and longitude are in the general area. Brewer Street is now possibly Monticello Avenue.

Detailed History

The granddaughter of William H. Tatum, Sr. posted the following on the Fairfield Foundation's Green Book blog:

My grandfather, William H. Tatum, Sr. owned and operated one of Norfolk’s Green Book sites– Tatum’s Inn and Grocery- from 1939 until 1961 when it was demolished as part of Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Project’s “revitalization” of downtown Norfolk. Many so-called slum properties were confiscated to make way for public housing projects and tourist accommodations. Tatum’s Inn was located near present-day Scope Convention Center and Chrysler Hall. My grandparents’ home was also demolished. They lived across the street from what was once a temple of the late Daddy Grace.


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