Yellow Taxi

Known Name(s)

Yellow Taxi


14 Lincoln Place Madison, NJ

Establishment Type(s)

Taxi Service

Physical Status


Detailed History

The building was constructed in 1927 as Madison’s largest movie theater. The movie theater remained operational through 2010. Lincoln Place is parallel to town’s Main Street, one block to the north. It is a secondary commercial street; the US Postal Service built a new Post Office at 10 Lincoln Place in 1934. This historic photo shows the building when new. Flanking the center entry were two storefronts, the left one on the façade being 14 Lincoln Place and the right one 18 Lincoln Place; the theater itself was 16 Lincoln Place. The presence of taxis in the photo supports the idea that one of the storefronts was used as an office by a taxi company. The theater stood directly across the street from the commuter railroad line (originally the Delaware Lackawanna and Western RR, now NJ Transit), making access to a taxi very important. In 1953 a remodeling of the theater removed the first floor storefronts, giving the space inside over to a larger lobby and concession stand within the theater. The renovation also added a larger marquee over the entry. That date corresponds to the disappearance of the Taxi company from the Green Book, presumably because their offices disappeared. The theater was documented only as a theater building prior to demolition in July 2021. A new 4-story apartment building with some first floor retail will occupy the site.

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