York Hotel on Lexington Street

Title Annex Buildiig oi

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11 East Lexington Street Baltimore, Maryland

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The 5-story 3-bay brownstone building at 11 East Lexington Street (center) likely dates to the 1870s since its multi-colored stone is an example of polychromy.  There are 2 single entrances on the north facade on either side of a large fixed arched window.  The windows on the first, fourth and fifth floors have either jack arches or arches of cream colored stone to frame the windows.

Detailed History

The 1940 C&P Baltimore City Telephone Directory lists this building as the Title Annex Building and lawyers had offices in the upper floors. Other occupants included both France's and Uruguay's consulates, a watch repair and dry cleaners. It is located a block from the Baltimore City Courthouse, which is pictured at the rear of the photo. No one listed in the 1940 City Directory is obviously connected to the York Hotel, but it is possible that someone working in the building could help a traveler in the downtown area asking for directions to the hotel at 1200 Madison Avenue in the Madison Park neighborhood.

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