China Bowl

152 W. 44th Street Manhattan, NY

Chinese Rathskeller

45 Mott Street Manhattan, NY

Chung King

1139 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY

City Park

521 5th Ave. New Rochelle, NY


544 St. Peter St. St. Paul, MN

Clara's Open Kitchen

275 St. Nicholas Ave. Harlem, NY

Clarkson Bros

2499 7th Ave Harlem, NY

Clark's Tavern

91 Saw Mill River Road Elmsford, NY

C. L. D.

1948 7th Ave. Harlem, NY
1958 7th Ave. Harlem, NY

Clover Bar & Grill

1735 Amsterdam Ave Harlem, NY

Clover Leaf

443 Michigan Ave. Buffalo, NY

Club Barbeque

1519 Pennsylvania Avenue Baltimore, Maryland

Club Forty

40 Lawrence St. Flushing, NY

Coleman's Restaurant

2239 Ford Parkway St. Paul, MN


912 Almond St. Syracuse, NY
825 Townsend St. Syracuse, NY

College Restaurant

16th & Bishop streets Little Rock, AR

Collegian Restaurant

County and Mellon Streets Phoebus, VA

Colonial Krazy House / Colonial

2321 8th Ave. Harlem, NY
116 Bradhurst Ave Harlem, NY

Combo Terrace

on Hiway 13 and 460 Portsmouth, VA

Commerce Liquor

14 East 4th St. St. Paul, MN
2163 Ford Parkway St. Paul, MN