In the mid-twentieth century, African American travelers required the same types of services as their white counterparts. The Green Book’s listings were varied enough to enable young people coming to a strange city to arrive at the local YMCAs and YWCAs after finding a friendly taxi cab driver at the train station while also helping families find their way to a tourist home or musicians to a suitable hotel.

For African Americans traveling between the relative freedom of a hometown to less familiar places, the listings for gas stations, motels, and pharmacies ensured safe passage in distant towns. For guests traveling to large cities for social events, the publication helped travelers find dance halls and restaurants in a timely manner. As time passed, The Green Book grew to include a very wide range of establishment types that answered every possible traveling need.


Mrs. T. L. Moore Tourist Home

505 W. Cooper Sedalia, MO

Mrs. T. T. Davis Tourist Home

27 Dayton St. Elizabeth, NJ

Mrs. T Thomas Tourist Home

1901 High Street Little Rock, AR

Mrs. U. G. Hardick Tourist Home

228 Dollison Ave. Springfield, MO

Mrs. Vaille (Vallie) Lamb Tourist Home

1914 E. 24th St. Kansas City, MO

Mrs. V. Jones Tourist Home

1720 Arctic Ave. Atlantic City, NJ

Mrs. V. Maupin Tourist Home

25 Atkins Ave. Asbury Park, NJ

Mrs. W. Bailey

1127 N. 2nd St. Albuquerque, NM

Mrs. W. Berry Tourist Home

42 Division St. Newport, RI

Mrs. W. Brooks Tourist Home

1800 N. Alice St. Poplar Bluff, MO

Mrs. W. B. Williams Tourist Home

317 E. Johnson Sedalia, MO

Mrs. W.E. Barron

758 25th St. Newport News, VA

Mrs. W.E. Barron

2123 Jefferson Newport News, VA

Mrs. W.E. Barron

2501 Marshall Ave. Newport News, VA

Mrs. W. Greenlow Tourist Home

1317 Summerfield Ave. Asbury Park, NJ

Mrs. W. Harvey Tourist Home

417 N. 3rd Avenue Columbia, MO

Mrs. W. Herndon

753 26th St. Newport News, VA

Mrs. Wm. Gambles

45 Shapley St. New London, CT

Mrs. Wm. Nolan

Union St. Whitefield, NH

Mrs. W. M. Tears Tourist Home

1203 E. 12th Austin, TX
1309 E. 12th Austin, TX