Rejection of Widow's Pension for Grace L. Woodson
April 29, 1913

This letter informs Grace Woodson, widow of UVA Unionist Richard Goodridge Woodson, that she is not eligible for a widow's pension due to her husband's dishonorable discharge from the service. 



Civil War Division,
Wid. Orig. 1,001,010,
Grace L. Woodson,
Richard G. Woodson,
Col., 3d Missouri S.M. Cav.                                                      

April 29, 1913.

Mrs. Grace L. Woodson,
118 Lindenwood Ave.,
St. Charles, Missouri.


            You are advised that your above cited claim for Pension under the Act of April 19, 1908, filed January 30, 1913, is rejected on the ground of no title under said Act, as the soldier was not honorably discharged from the U.S. military service. 

             Very respectfully, 

                                                                        J. L. DAVENPORT.


            In paragraph 2 of S.O. #35 from the headquarters, State of Missouri, A.G.O., dated at St. Louis, February 27, 1864, it was announced that, upon the recommendation of the department commander, the commission of R. G. Woodson, as colonel of the 3d Mo. S. M. Cav. was thereby vacated for insubordinate conduct, and that he therefore ceased to be an officer of that force from that date. 


Pension Records for Richard G. Woodson, RG15, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.