William B. Rogers Raises Money for the Union War Effort
April 23, 1861

In this letter from April 1861, William B. Rogers helps raise money to purchase knapsacks for a regiment of Massachusetts soldiers. 

1 Temple Place
Boston Ap 23 1861

My dear Sir:

        I learn that some of our brave troops recently gone South were but imperfectly provided with knapsacks and that a supply of this article of equipment is urgently needed for those that are to follow.

        Twelve hundred dollars will procure good knapsacks for a regiment of 640 men. In aid of such a provision I propose raising a subscription contributing what little I can myself.

        The maker is ready to execute the order at once.

        Commending the subject to your attention I remain,

              Very truly yours,
              William B. Rogers


William Barton Rogers Papers, Department of Distinctive Collections, Massachusetts Institute of Technology